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Preview is Wednesday November 7th, 2018 from 10AM-12PM.
Removal is set for Friday November 9th, 2018 from 10AM-4PM.

Item Description
2.BUYERS TERMS: While descriptions are believed to be accurate, information and quantities given by the Auction catalog, Auctioneer, Owner, or any other Auction personnel is offered only as a guide. Responsibility for proper nomenclature and identification of Auction merchandise is the responsibility of the bidder. Bidders are advised to inspect items prior to purchasing. All items are sold As-Is Where Is without any guarantee. It is the bidders responsibility to disconnect and remove all items from the auction location on the designated date and time.

CASH BUYERS: You must email the website at the conclusion of the auction and request to pay cash or your Credit Card Will be Charged! Please email info@eastcoastbids and include your name and bidder number.

TAX EXEMPT BUYERS: You must email a copy of your Current Year Tax Exempt Certificate to the website prior to the auctions closing. Please email and include your name and bidder number.

3.83" Padded Bench
4.32"x32" Metal Table
5.Metal Chairs (Bid x 4 Chairs)
6.2014 Hatco Conveyor Toaster
Details: Model: TQ-800BA, Volts: 208, Phase 1
7.48"x18" Stainless Steel Table
8.Lot of 3 Stainless Steel 131"x20" Angled Wall Shelf for Bakery Baskets or Trays *Item #9 Fits on These Shelves
9.Lot of Wire Bagel Baskets *These Fit with Item #8
10.72"x48" Framed Chalk Board
11.SPT Mini Refrigerator
12.24"x30" Wood Table Top *Base Not Included, Top Only!
13.24"x30" Wood Table Top *Base Not Included, Top Only!
14.24"x30" Wood Table Top *Base Not Included, Top Only!
15.48"x48" Padded Double Sided Booth Bench
16.48"x48" Padded Double Sided Booth Bench
17.48"x48" Padded Double Sided Booth Bench
18.48"x28" Wood Table Top *Base Not Included, Top Only!
19.48"x28" Wood Table Top *Base Not Included, Top Only!
20.48"x26" Single Booth Bench
21.48"x26" Single Booth Bench *Tear in Seat
22.3 Shelf Plastic Cart
23.3 Shelf Plastic Cart
24.3 Shelf Plastic Cart
25.3 Shelf Plastic Cart
26.3 Shelf Plastic Cart
27.Aluminum Frame Woven Outdoor Chairs (Bid x 2 Chairs)
28.48" Round Wood Table Top *Base Not Included, Top Only!
29.38"x29" Hostess/Waitress Station
30.Lot of Cream and Coffee Dispensers
31.Lot of Stainless Steel Trash Cans
32.Lot of Point Of Sale Equipment
33.Lot of Light Bulbs
34.Glenray Soup Warming Kettle
Details: Volts: 120
35.Lot of Battery Powered Candles
36.Lot of Glass and Plastic Syrup Pourers
37.Lot of 2 Double Coffee Pot Hot Plates
Details: Volts: 120
38.Lot of Coffee Mugs
39.Lot of Stainless Steel Creamers
40.Wooden High Chair
41.Wooden High Chair
42.Wooden High Chair
43.Plastic Booster Seat
44.Plastic Booster Seat
45.96"x16" Stainless Steel Wall Shelf
46.72"x30" Stainless Steel Table w/ Backsplash
47.2014 True 72" Mega Top Sandwich Prep
Details: Model: TSSU-72-30M, Serial: 7903765, Volts: 115
48.Metro "Flavor Lock" Humidity Controlled Warming Cabinet on Casters
Details: Volts: 120
49.36"x12" Stainless Steel Wall Shelf
50.42"x18" Coated Metro Shelf
51.36"x24" Metro Shelf
52.2014 Atosa 44" Pizza Prep on Casters
Details: Model: MPF8201, Volts: 115
53.Lot of Melamine Dishes
54.Lot of Small Mason Jars
55.Large Lot of Plastic Tumblers
56.Lot of Melamine Bowls
57.CAS Legal Trade Scale w/ Label Printer
Details: Model: LP1000, Serial: PQ0430134, Volts: 120
58.111"x26" Granite Top Back Bar/Waitress Station
59.32"x26" Granite Top Trash Receptical
60.Box of 12 Wine Glasses 10.5 oz
61.Box of 12 Wine Glasses 10.5 oz
62.Self Serve Coffee Lid and Cream/Sugar Organizer
63.Self Serve Coffee Lid and Cream/Sugar Organizer
64.2014 Hoshizaki 450 lb Air Cooled Ice Machine
Details: Model: KML-451MAH, Serial: D06765H, Volts: 120
65.80"x28" Solid Stainless Steel Beverage Station Cabinet
66.2014 Hatco Conveyor Toaster
Details: Model: TQ-800BA, Volts: 208, Phase 1
67.Lot of 3 Large Cutting Boards
68.Beverage Air 48" Sandwich Preop on Casters
Details: Model: SP48-08, Serial: 7602348, Volts: 115
69.Lot of Large Mason Jars
70.Metal Stanchion w/ Sign Holder
71.Belshaw Natural Gas Doughnut Fryer w/ Depositor and Drain Board
Details: Model: 718LCG, Serial: W08070018, BTU/hr: 44,000, Volts: 120
72.2018 Natural Gas Avantco 40 lb Fryer
Details: Model: FF300-N, Serial: 18020564V, BTU/hr: 90,000
73.Lot of Melamine Plates
74.48"x16" Stainless Steel Wall Shelf
75.Imperial 36" Natural Gas 6 Burner Range w/ Oven
76.Radiance Natural Gas 18"x42" Dual Stock Pot Range
77.2014 Amana 2100 Watt Microwave
78.Randell 72" Electric Steam Table on Casters
Details: Volts: 208, Phase: 1
79.78" Pass Through Shelves w/ Double Down Warmers
Details: Volts: 120
80.2014 Hoshizaki 60" Under Counter Refrigerator on Casters
Details: Model: CRM60, Serial: D60117F, Volts: 120
81.Picard "Revolution" Natural Gas Revolving Rack Oven w/ Exhaust 56"x98"x90" *Buyer is Responsible for Dismantling. Professional Dismantling and Loading can be Provided for $1000
Details: Model: 8-16, Serial: 01902901, BTU/hr: 135,000, Volts: 120
82.48"x21" Cambro Dunnage Rack
83.48"x21" Cambro Dunnage Rack
84.48"x21" Cambro Dunnage Rack
85.35" Round Natural Gas Boiler w/ Drain
86.Lot of Baking Pans
87.72"x14" Stainless Steel Wall Shelf
88.72"x14" Stainless Steel Wall Shelf
89.60"x14" Stainless Steel Wall Shelf
90.60"x14" Stainless Steel Wall Shelf
91.60"x14" Stainless Steel Wall Shelf
92.48"x14" Stainless Steel Wall Shelf
93.200 lb Spiral Mixer *Made In Italy
Details: Model: 200A, Serial: 9503174, Volts: 208
94.Knife Rack
95.Large Lot of Smallwares/Dispensers/Roller Former
96.Royal 60" Natural Gas Griddle
97.Lot of 2 Ingredient Bins
98.Lot of 2 Large Stock Pots
99.120"x36" Bakery Top Table w/ Casters
100.Curtis G3 Tea Brewer w/ Stainless Steel Tea Dispenser
Details: Model: TCTS-100067, Volts: 120
101.72"x16" Stainless Steel Wall Mount Shelf w/ All Contents Included
102.2014 Atosa 27" Under Counter Freezer
Details: Model: MGF8405, Volts: 115
103.17" Stainless Steel Wall Mount Hand Sink w/ Stainless Steel Paper Towel Dispenser
104.36"x12" Stainless Steel Wall Shelf w/ Contents
105.36"x12" Stainless Steel Wall Shelf
106.85" Dish Rack Shelf w/ Racks
107.70"x14" Wire Shelving
108.22" Wrapping Station w/ Heat Sealer
Details: Volts: 120
109.36"x24" Stainless Steel Table w/ Back Splash
110.Adcraft Counter Top Steam Table
Details: Volts: 120
111.20 qt Counter Top Mixer w/ Hook, Whip & Paddle
Details: Model: K20J-B, Serial: 1211010F, Volts: 110
112.2014 Globe 12" Manual Slicer w/ Sharpener
Details: Model: 3600N, HP: 1/2, Volts: 115
113.Manual Vegetable Cutter
114.2014 Waring Grooved Pannini Press
Details: Model: WPG250, Volts: 120
115.2014 Waring Grooved Pannini Press
Details: Model: WPG250, Volts: 120
116.Winco Counter Top Steam Table
Details: Volts: 120
117.Adcraft Counter Top Steam Table
Details: Volts: 120
118.Taylor 5 lb Scale
119.Qualite 25 lb Scale
120.Oliver 1/2" Slice Whole Loaf Bread Cutter
Details: Model: 777, Serial: 108465, HP: 1/4, Volts: 110
121.96"x32" Solid Stainless Steel Table w/ Backsplash on Casters
122.Large Lot of Mixed Dishes
123.48"x14" Stainless Steel Wall Shelf
124.48"x14" Stainless Steel Wall Shelf
125.Lot of Ingredient Containers
126.Hamilton Beach Blender
127.ITV 21" Under Counter 135 lb Ice Machine
Details: Model: ALFA-NG135A, Serial: 15416414, Volts: 115
128.36"x12" Stainless Steel Wall Shelf
129.36"x12" Stainless Steel Wall Shelf
130.36"x12" Stainless Steel Wall Shelf
131.New In Box Tork Hand Towel Dispenser
132.New In Box Tork Hand Towel Dispenser
133.New In Box Tork Hand Towel Dispenser
134.2.5 Gallon Glass Beverage Dispenser
135.2.5 Gallon Glass Beverage Dispenser
136.48"x21" Wire Shelving w/ All Contents
137.Bin Lot of Lexan 1/6 Pans
138.Large Lot of Smallwares, Bowls & Pans *Shelving Not Included
139.Lot of Full Size Stainless Steel Pans
140.Large Lot of 22 Pots and Pans
141.Lot of Trays and Bowls
142.Double Shelf Lot of Smallwares
143.6" Untensel Holders
144.6" Untensel Holders
145.12" Wire Platter Baskets
146.12" Wire Platter Baskets
147.12" Wire Platter Baskets
148.12" Wire Platter Baskets
149.12" Wire Platter Baskets
150.Lot of 8" and 4" Wire Baskets
151.NEW Winware 9" Table Organizers
152.Lot of 9 Counter Top Utensil Holders *Missing Sleves
153.Lot of 13 Table Organizers 6" and 8"
154.Lot of 19 Half Round Table Organizers
155.24"x18" Wire Cart
156.700 Watt Microwave
Details: Volts: 120
157.Full Size Sheet Cake Forms

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